Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What's Next?

Now that Playing Doctor has been pushed out of the nest and winging its way to ereaders everywhere, the burning question is, what's next?

I've had several requests for a follow up on Beth and Gabe's story, hoping to see their happy for now grow into a happily ever after.  I've also had requests for Connie's story.

My question is, would you rather see Beth's and Gabe's story come to completion in a shorter, second novella...or have their HEA play out in Connie's book? 

Connie is Beth's BFF and a total firecracker, but there hadn't been a plan to give her a story of her own.

There was, however, a drool-worthy character in the origional draft of Playing Doctor who was cut from the book, with the suggestion of telling his story at some point. Eddie Barone is a testosterone packing, tattooed cage fighter, and the personification of raw sex, but beneath the muscles and brawn beats a heart of pure gold.

Suddenly, my what if button lit up. Connie is a divorcee, as evidenced by her remark over Beth's mucsle car, "you know I'd give my ex-husband's balls for a car like that..." Okay, obviously it wasn't an amicable ending to their marriage. So, what happened?

When I first envisioned Eddie Barone, I saw a man who had experienced an abusive childhood, a young boy who had survived by using his wit first and his fists when necessary to protect not only himself, but his younger sister, as well. Then I saw him sitting in his father's restaurant, nursing injuries from his last fight when in walks none other than the object of his high school fantasies...Constance Beaumont, with an outrageous proposal that just might allow him to finaly get his hands on the girl who'd always been just out of reach.

So, do Beth and Gabe get their own novella, or will we see them again in Connie and Eddie's book, Bad Company?


  1. Jan,
    I love, love, love the premise of Connie and Eddie's book and the name "Bad Company" conjures up all sorts of naughty, but nice, images and possible scenarios. You'd hit all my favorite tropes with that one childhood-friends-reunited, bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold, bad-boy-good-girl, good-girl-exploring-her-bad-girl-side...I could go on, and on.

    And, I would love to see more Beth and Gabe however they pop up!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. When I envisioned Eddie's story, I had no idea Connie would be the one to sway into his life again and shake things up.

    As for Beth and Gabe...there's more to come, it's just a matter of deciding how to tell it.