Thursday, December 5, 2013

Like holding your first baby!

When the mail ran this morning and everything she delivered fit into the mailbox, I was a bit let down. I had been hoping the print copies of my debut book would arrive. I pouted around for a while and bemoaned that they hadn't arrived while my hubby rolled his eyes and worked the remote for the TV.

About an hour later the UPS guy pulled into the drive. He had a box under his arm as he walked toward the house, but I figured it was another Amazon delivery for my son. When I opened the door, he'd left the box on the carport and when I picked it up, I gave a totally embarrassing teenaged squeel! From his recliner, my husband said, "And I guess those are your books."

Creating a story about two tortured people, being able to give them a second chance at love and happiness is so very rewarding. Getting that email from your first choice publisher that they want to take it to acqusitions gives you a "zing" that sets your heart racing. Opening your email to an offer for contract takes you a moment to realize it's actually happening. Signing it and sending it back makes you shake all over! Diving into those first round of edits is exciting...when you aren't feeling like your head will explode! Getting your cover, with your title, your name and the publisher on it leaves you a little breathless. Launch day has you glued to your office chair, eyes on the monitor as you see that first shift in ranking that tells you you've made a sale...that someone other than you, your critique partner or your editors will now be reading what you've sweatted over for months. Seeing multiple 4 dn 5 star reviews going up for the world to see kind of takes your breath.

Then you open that little box from CreateSpace and take out your book...hold it in your hands...

Freaking AWESOME!

See what reviewers are saying about Playing Doctor:

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  1. Thanks, Maria! It's still kicking my butt how great this is!

  2. I'm trying to find your book in our library system to no avail :( Boo!!!! I just read your post on Herding Cats though and WOW!

  3. Hi, Valerie! I'm so humbled by that review. 5 stars from Herding Cats is like winning the oscars.

    If your library usually carry Engangled ebooks, it should show up eventually. I haven't tried accessing ebooks that way, although my son tells me it's an easy process.

    Thanks for checking out the Herding Cats blog and review and good luck with locating a copy of Playing Doctor!