Friday, April 12, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

This is an unedited excerpt from my upcoming release with Entangled Publishing's Ever After imprint titled, Playing Doctor.

Tilting her head, Beth peered up at Gabe through her lashes, curled her lips into a taunting grin, pleased when his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat.
“I don’t think so,” She informed Caroline with a throaty purr. “Gabriel is busy tonight, and will continue to be…for as long as likes.” And as those words left her mouth, Beth realized she actually meant them, and with that knowledge, she reached out, drove her fingers through his hair, cupped her hand at the base of his skull and pulled his mouth down to hers.
Surprise. She felt his brief pause of shock as their lips met, and then his mouth encompassed hers, shifted and possessed.
Heat. Had a man’s mouth ever felt so hot? Firm, yet soft?  Demanding, yet giving?
His hands came up, framed her face. He tilted her head and took the kiss deeper, sealed his lips over hers. His tongue grazed her lower lip, seeking permission. Her own darted forth, invited him in.
More. She wanted more. Her fingers fisted in his hair, tugged. His groan slid past her lips, over her tongue. Blood pounded in her ears, flooded her sex. The sounds of the wedding reception dulled into a low drone, and nothing existed except Gabriel’s mouth on hers…and Caroline’s frustrated exclamation.


  1. You're telling me I have to WAIT? Two words for you: NO FAIR!

    Great snippet!