Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I'm so excited to be a part of Entangled Publishing's initial launch of their sexy new imprint, flaunt.

When a fellow RN jokingly predicts that Beth Roberts will meet a tall, ripped and totally lick-o-licious stranger who will fulfill her deepest desires, it’s supposed to be from across a crowded room, not giving CPR to a wedding guest. Given her tragic love life, Beth has no desire to become involved again, but who could have predicted the ponytailed doctor with the mischievous smile would break through her defenses?

Dr. Gabriel North blamed himself for his wife’s death. Now, after two years of battling guilt and meaningless hookups, he’s ready to move on. When he sees the sexy brunette at his friend’s wedding, his attraction is swift and strong, and he wastes no time in pressing his advantage. One night with the woman who makes him feel alive again isn’t enough, but gaining her trust is going to take more than medical school has prepared him for.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you’re thinking.”   
Gabe pulled into the hotel parking lot and cut the engine. Hooking his wrist over the steering wheel, he turned and looked at her. I’m not ready to end this, and I think…hope we’re on the same track. If not, then I apologize, but I think you should invite me up so we see where this goes.”
She was surprised and so very relieved to hear his words echo her own thoughts. There was no second-guessing what he was suggesting, no point in pretending otherwise. The anticipation sent a shimmer of excitement through her. Adrenaline raced through her veins at what she was about to say, what she was about to do.
“Yes, I’d like that,” she murmured, her voice a little shaky. When Gabe heaved out a sigh of relief and reached for her, she held up her hand. “But I have a stipulation.” 
The expression on his face would have been comical if the situation wasn’t so emotionally charged, and Beth almost smiled. She’d bet her new stethoscope he was expecting her to say, no sex. Well, he couldn’t be further off the track. She wanted everything he could give her…and more.
“I have no room for romance or a relationship in my life, nor do I want it. I want no complications, and you can expect the same from me. This is for one night only,” she said.
 Gabe nodded. The relief on his face told her they were of the same mindset where emotional involvement was concerned. Good.
“You should know that I’m free of any sexually transmitted disease. I was tested after my husband died.” She continued when he nodded again. “What we’re considering is sex, pure and simple, between two consenting adults, nothing more. Are we agreed?” 
For a moment, Beth wasn’t sure she’d heard him correctly. “No?”
“No. I have a couple of stipulations of my own.”
Well, she certainly hadn’t expected this. Beth shifted in her seat. Wary and more than a little apprehensive, she said, “Please, go on.”
“First off, you should also know that I’ve never had an STD in my life. Secondly, I agree with the no romance, no relationship, no complications part and that we’re considering consensual—emphasis on the sensual—sex,” he corrected.
Gabe leaned across the seat, drove his fingers in her hair, took her mouth and her breath along with it. It was quick and thorough, a little rough with urgency. “Now, my stipulations.” He looked at her, his eyes grave. “You set the comfort level in everything we do. I want you to know you’re safe with me. I’ve been hard for you since the moment I first saw you. I want you easy and slow, hard and fast.” His gaze dropped to her mouth, the rough pad of his thumb skimmed over her bottom lip, and what he said next took her breath away. “I want to feel you come around my cock and against my mouth, and more than anything, I want to feel you swallow me deeper than I’ve ever been swallowed before. I want you on your back, straddling my hips, and on your hands and knees. It can be sweet and innocent or I can flat out fuck you until you can’t walk if that’s the way you want it, but there will be nothing pure or simple about it. Are we agreed?” 
Heat rippled over her sex. Her nipples tightened until even the soft satin of her bra felt abrasive. She couldn’t form a response, could only nod as she stared into his heavy-lidded, lust-filled eyes. His words were dark and erotic, his voice deep and rich with promise, and she wanted it all. She’d never been so turned on in her life.
Are we agreed?” he repeated.
“Yes, we’re agreed.” ­­

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  1. On my kindle, looking forward to reading this wekened.

  2. Jan,
    Congratulations on the release of "Playing Doctor!" It's on my Kindle waiting for me to have a free moment to start reading. I love, love, love that your heroine is a nurse. Nurses are incredible people, who do not get enough credit for advocating on behalf of patients.
    mmmazuros at yahoo dot com

  3. Thank you, Shari! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Gabe and Beth are two special people who were determined to have their story told.

  4. Thank you so much, Michelle! Nurses have a tough, but very rewarding job, and there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when a patient shares their appreciation with you. Enjoy Playing Doctor!

  5. I'm almost done with it, Jan, and even though it's not what I would normally read I do agree it's well written. Full disclosure: if Gabe had said those things to me, I would have run the other way. Is there such a thing as being too honest, Gabe? LOL! That man is fearless.

  6. Thank you for your kind comments. The Flaunt imprint was advertised as being Entangled Publishing's sexy new novella imprint. I'm sorry if you missed that and purchased the book unaware of the content. I suppose Gabe felt he had nothing to lose by being totally honest in his feelings and intentions toward Beth, lol.

    I hope you took the time to enter the contest, and wish you the best of luck with it!

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