Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sometimes, spur of the moment decisions pay off.

I had been away from the Harlequin forums for a while, decided to scroll through and see what was going on, and found they had started an Editor's Pitch for the Blaze imprint. I love Blaze! I thought about it, worried over it, then decided to enter. I sent my one page synopsis, the first five pages of the ms, and waited. On the last day, I contemplated pulling out the original entry and sending another, but in the end, let it stand.

The post came out on the forum with a list of the winners who would pitch. Without even reading the actual message...who cares what it says if your name isn't on the list, right?--I scanned the list. My name wasn't there. Might as well read the message now, huh? So, 35 people entered, 5 entries were chosen to pitch online to the editors, and...what's this? Six entries were chosen to bypass the pitch and send partials directly to the editors? Wooo, whooo! Email to follow on Monday to let the rest of us know if we were one of those lucky six. Today is Friday. The weekend passed, Monday drags on. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

There's finally a message in my inbox. Hotmail (1). To open or not to open.

I sent that partial off today!  

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